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"Fuck everything" shirt

Fuck this shirt.

“Fuck America!!!”
~ Famous Arab Philosopher on America
“Fuck you, cabron.”
~ Tony Montana AKA Scarface
“Can I?”
“A fine sport indeed!”
~ Galvatron on Fucking everything
“Uncyclopedia has an article about fucking everything.”

Fucking everything is an idealistic goal held both by hard-core nihilists and various horniness advocacy movements. Like world peace, it is complex in its interpretations and fascinating in its inspiration of free love. Generally, it is agreed to refer to a theoretical future condition whereby all persons and things have been fucked.

However, disagreement frequently arises among advocates over precisely who or what should be responsible for the fucking, whether the fucking is strictly metaphorical, and whether or not the scope of "everything" is limited to all objects found on the Earth's surface which would not cause immediate harm to the fucker in question.

Naturally, the ideal in general has been criticized by some for not only these inconsistencies, but for being naive, unattainble, and plain messy. Advocates generally respond by re-stating the goal in terms that specify these particular critics.

edit What to fuck?

Other interpretations of that which is plausibly and desirably fuckable may pertain to:

edit Quotes on just plain fucking everything

“The question is often asked: what, precisely, are most of us failing to do to make the world a better place? Call me cynical or call me crazy, but such is my answer.”
~ Kofi Annan in his 1998 report Cures for a sick, sick globe: The why and how of fucking everything
“I won't mince words: we're all royally, well, you know. So yeah, that's us down and everything else to go.”
~ Speech delivered at 2002 meeting of Everything-Fuckers for America
“Hmm, all right, so the item is bigger than a breadbox. Let's see... do you eventually intend to fuck it?”
~ Captain Oblivious on 20 Questions
“I'm not going to answer that.”
~ Donna Wilkins, chair of the Society for You Know What
“I'm going to fuck every Australian.”
~ John Howard, Prime Minister (ex) and head muppet cheerleader for the eternally fucked Liberal Party

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The thing about the so-called experts at Wikipedia is that they think they have an article about fucking everything, but they don't.
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