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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Lemming2005/Whyalla.

Whyalla's Pig Iron Works

Whyalla is a medium sized town in the central-north of South Australia, inhabited entirely by left-handed Spaniard midgets. The reasons for this odd demographic distribution are unknown. Attempts to query the residents of Whyalla have been unsuccessful, as they simply jabber on in their incomprehensible foreign language.

The sole economic output of Whyalla is pig iron. The output of the Massive Whyalla Pig Iron Works is vaporised and vented into the surrounding atmosphere every Thursday for unknown reasons, causing massive red dust storms and general panic amongst the more superstitious members of the local populace. All other production is usually purchased by developing Asian nations to assist in the construction of giant iron pigs.

The most interesting thing about Whyalla is that Billy Conolly once called it a toilet.

edit Places To Hang Out

A popular place to hangout in Whyalla would have to be Shell Petrol Station (don't get all excited now!) which is a favourite of underagers who have poor ID forgery skills and have been denied access into the pub across the road, closely followed by drunken bogans leaving the pub in the early hours of the morning looking to pocket a few pies and chicken rolls from the conveiniently located Shell(Free Munchies Bar).

edit Blood


Dust storms like these are fairly common in Whyalla due to the Steelworks.

Blood is considered a delicacy among the inhabitants of Whyalla. This has led them to sustain a steady flow of unsuspecting tourists. The resulting abundance of blood has instated it as the staple diet of Whyalla. The nearby town of Yeltana is also a popular feeding ground. Yeltana is now mostly occupied by zombies and the undead, and members of families there regularly go missing.

edit Other Information

  • You will not find the word virginity in any dictionary in Whyalla, neither will you find the words dignity, sober or good parenting.
  • Emos and Skater Fags are abundant in the city of Whyalla, more noticeable in and around the Civic Park and Westlands areas. Many "citizens" of Whaylla are currently trying to pass a law via petition to shoot Skater Fags and Emos on site. But fortunately, the Whyalla City Council sponsor the local bands to write Emo lyrics to send the local Emos into a downwards depression spiral to secretly do the killing for the people.

edit Theres These Two Girls

...and they are ultra-sexy, apart from their large fangs and whale blubber. They are the only non-midgit non-spaniards in Whyalla. You will never meet anyone like them anywhere except Whyalla, because Whyalla can only produce people so strange.

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