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Le Jeune King, or teh Young King,to many others is a boy of prophet and prose. He enjoys writing down witty sentences adn may, on a whim, create full length novels if he wraps his head around a certain concept. Le Jeune King is most definetly a master of thinking, but his writing can be somewhat hard to understand because of his lack of punctuation and it appears as if he doesn't care for spelling either. His finger hit's the shift key some times one too many times and it is not uncommon to find random capitalized letters in the midst of his papers.


Le Jeune King, in his younger years.

edit Early Life


Le Jeune King's mother.

Le Jeune King was bron to a twenty year old buxom blond. Le Jeune was ver happy. Le Jeune was known around the town for his hot mom after his birth, but by the age fo 3 the Le Jeune King burned the town to the ground and luaghed at the stupid people as they attempted to "save their children." Le Jeune King was not discouraged b the traumatic events he had cused in his home town. He meerly went on with his hot mom to a new town where noody bothered them. Le Jeune King was happy here and he grew up peacefully.

edit Growing Up

After spending countless years, well okay it was 3, voyeuring on his hot mother Le Jeune king heard it was not right to do so. So in order to cope with his habits Le Jeune King went to school. There all the children laughed and played games. Le Jeune King's favorite game would be firemen because it made him think that one day, maybe, e could stop a fire similar to the one back in his old town. Le Jeune king was often seen cursing the arsonist who started the fire back in his old hometown. He never knew why someone would do such a thing. it was such a horrible thing to do. Le Jeune King was often seen peeing on other children during the game of firemen and shouting, "Put out the fire!!"

edit Le Jeune King's Kingship

After awhile thigns settled down for Le Jeune King. He became on a regular schedule, day in and day out, just like any other normal person. But fat had a twist for Le Jeune King. One day whislt playing in the briar patch, Le Jeune King happened upon a little goat. The goat was immediately slain by Le Jeune King and he set it on fiar. Unluckly to him, the briar patch also caught on fire and the little Arsonist was trapped. Le Jeune King shouted for help, but the only person within earshot was his mother, and well she was blond know... Anyways, Le Jeune King scrambled to get out of the roaring Bush when all of a sudden, a man appeared before him. Le Jeune though it would be funny to mess with the man and so he siad in his deepest voice, "'Draw not nigh hither; put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground." The man did so. Le Jeune King decided to have more fun with the man before he died and so frm the middle of the burning bush Le jeune King said, "I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob." The man hid his face and Le Jeune King giggled inwardly. Le Jeune King then proceeded to tell te man to return to Egypt and free the slaves. Le Jeune King was making this up but the man bought it and asked, "Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them: The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me: What is His name? what shall I say unto them?" Le Jeune King thought for a moment upon this query and said in reply, "'I AM THAT I AM" and He said, "Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel: I AM hath sent me unto you." Le Jeune King continued his prophetic speech towards the man until finally the man went awya thinking that he would actually save his people. Le Jeune King never learned what happened to that man, Moses... So, Le Jeune King was now trapped in a burning Bush and he had no idea wht to do. From nowhere a large hand reached onto him and pulled him from amid the flames. Le Jeune King kicked the goat as he was pulled out.

The Man who saved Le Jeune King was named Bob and Bob was the king of all things. Le Jeune King set him on fire and went home, thus becoming King because of the laws at that time.It's mroe of an empty title anyways.

edit Currently Working on

edit Latest Written Works

edit Music

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