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Colonel Angus a few months after the battle at Big Beaver.

“Colonel Angus, if I rightly remember, can be mighty messy.”
~ Southerner on Colonel Angus
“Colonel Angus is an aquired taste”
~ old southerner on Colonel Angus
“If I overstay my welcome, just tap me on the head.”
~ Colonel Angus on himself
“I prefer the Deep South.. I like the heat.. the humidity.. ”
~ Colonel Angus on himself
“Don't believe everything you hear.. about ol' Colonel Angus. Colonel Angus might be rough.. Colonel Angus might not smell like a bed of roses.. but, deep down.. Colonel Angus is very sweet.”
~ Colonel Angus on himself
“The pleasure is all mine.”
~ Melinda on Colonel Angus
“They say all women folk love Colonel Angus”
~ Melinda on Colonel Angus
“Once a woman is introduced to Colonel Angus, she'll settle for nothing less.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Colonel Angus
“The Colonel is an amazing man of extraordinary power. He is a master of the english language and his mastery of the tounge can make women tremble.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Colonel Angus
“I don't know nothin' about no Colonel Angus”
~ Bedelia on Colonel Angus

edit Parents

John Angus and Jenny Tallia met in the winter of 1820. They immediately fell in love with eachother and were married soon after in the summer of 1821. John was a 22 year-old soldier for the United States Army and Jenny was a pretty young lady of 17. Although Jenny had a relativley normal childhood, John had a mother who seems to have invented the airplane. Her designs were flawed slightly bnut they had the general layout, she understood lift, drag and gravity to an extent which is beyond many aeronautical engineers today. Although she tried to push her ideas, she was cast out of the intellectual community for being completely rediculous. She was even noted in one study, as being mentally insane. Her designs called for alluminum, which is what we use today, but back then it was considered a rediculous possibility since alluminum costed $400 per pound. Every day John would come home to a mother who invented the aeroplane far before anyone even conceptualized it, other than her ancestor, Leonardo "DaVinci" Tallia and Joh would have to listen to Jenny's raving. Her mad desire to build her plane affected John's childhood. It became a lunatical goal and she gave up running her household full of one child. John had to take complete care of himself from the age of five. He leanred to farm, cook, bathe, read, write, eat, and sleep on his own. He evne leanred how to do his taxes without the help of anyone. By the time he was 17 John was completely independent from society. John Angus did not seem interested in grils from the time he was 17 until the time he was 22. Some historical philosiphizers speculate that J. Angus was going through a period of sexual insecurity and did not come into his own until he met Jenny Tallia in the winter of 1820.

edit Birth

Ennol Angus (pronounced "A-nel ang-us") was born on June 17th, 1821 on a southern plantation in the United States of America. From the time he was born to the time he died he was a hero amongst the ladies of his life. His mother, Jenny Agnus, was in labor for over seven days with Ennol.

edit Young Life

Ennol had a rough childhood. He had a rough childhood for his father left them after suspecting an affair between Jenny and an unknown lover. Whether John's suspicions were corect or not is unknown, but Jenny never married again. Living on a plantation, Ennol did not socialize with young men his age, for they all lived too far away for him to go 'hang out.' Ennol instead stayed close to his mother and his mothers friends until he was 17. Many people believe this exposure to women as a young boy was what gave the Colonel of the history books his class and 'skills' at capturing a women's heart.

edit Adulthood

At the age of seventeen Ennol enlisted in the US Army and soon was rising through the ranks. With the outbreak of the War Between the States, Ennol was commissioned a Colonel in the Confederate States Army and he lead many conflicts during the war. Ennol's most infamous conflict was the battle of Big Beaver. During this battle, Angus's regiment lost 10 men and Ennol himself suffered a serious injury to his jaw. After this incident, he was stripped of his rank. He retired to Shady Thicket where he could usually be found at the rear entrance.

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