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~ Tom Mayfair on this user
Cabbage Patch Breast

An artist's rendition of yours truly.

Hello! Welcome to my User space! Here you will find many interesting facts about me, as well as my contributions to this wonderful wiki! As an upstanding member of American society, I feel it is my duty to spread capitalism and democracy across the world, and I feel that this medium is the perfect format in which to spread my message of peace and love. Please feel free to leave a comment in the appropriate location. Thank you for visiting, and have a wonderful day!

edit Bio

Who am I?: ...well you're here, aren't you? You should already know.

What I do?: Edit other people's pages because I'm not nearly talented or creative enough to write my own.

Where'd I come from?: This is actually my first wiki. Any help on etiquette or formatting would be greatly appreciated, but no criticism. I'm better than you. At everything.

What do I want to do?: Piss enough people off to the point that they respect me as an editor ... and maybe write an article or two.

Your user name is Lauttaholic, so why do you sign your name differently?: That's none of your fucking concern.

edit What I'm Working On

Nothing at the moment; keep checking, though. It's only been about a month.

edit What I've Contributed

edit What I Plan On Contributing, But Am Too Lazy ATM

  • Rewrite Stephen Colbert.
  • Couple UnNews articles I have in mind.
  • Stop case-sensitive URLs!

edit What I Need From You!

  • Templates. Lots of them.
  • Money
  • A place to live? Maybe a kerosene heater? Seriously, I'm homeless. Turns out a college degree is only good for a firestarter.
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