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This, too, is Benelux.

The Benelux is an organisation that consists of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its goal is to stand strong against the other European countries. The organisation probably has other goals, too, but the Benelux presidents don't seem to be willing to talk about it.

edit History

edit The Early Benelux

When the Low Lands were merged, an order of local leaders was made to make sure the Low Lands had a say in the government. Though we know it as the Staten-Generaal (States-General,) which was the league of rich people speaking Dutch, the members of that league were also part of this secret organisation, now known as the League of Noblemen. In the 1500s, the existence of the Benelux was discovered by the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish King, Philip II, tried to kill as many members as he could, but he failed in slaying Will the Blacksmith[1], the chairman, so it kept existing, operating from Germany. The Benelux did its first big act in 1648, when it used a huge army to take over the Low Lands and kill all the Spaniards. The Benelux Republic was declared to be independent.

edit Separation

After the French Revolution, things suddenly got different in the Benelux Republic. The Belgians and Luxembourgians suddenly wanted to have their own government. The Stadtholder, John of the Ol' Barnfield had trouble keeping the peace and the two other regions claimed their independence by making Fries I of France (Belgium) and Dolf Hiedler (Luxembourg) their leaders. The Benelux got separated after a short-lived civil war.[2]

edit The Later Benelux

In the 20th century, the three countries started to get closer again[3]. The two World Bitchfights added to the urge to unite again. The Benelux was reformed. The Benelux was forced to sign an agreement with the Soviet Union, stating that the three countries cannot have one army[4] and that new Benelux regulations don't contradict the SU's[5].

edit Structure

edit Support

Ook Benelux

The most detailed map the Benelux could offer us.

It is known that over 100.000 people have joined the Benelux so far. Yet the organisation lacks support somehow. This is because the Dutch don't want to have anything to do the Belgians. Even worse, the Belgians don't want to have anything to do with eachother. Finally, Luxembourg doesn't want to lose its number 1 position on the GDP pp list. Strangely enough, the Germans do want the Benelux to unite. Probably this is because then they can use just one Fall to Blitzkrieg over the low lands.

edit Footnotes

  1. But when Balthasar Gerards invented the shotgun, William was soon to die.
  2. And now, the Flemish and Walloons are starting this cycle again. William would find it disgusting.
  3. The Frisian plate and the Meditteranean plate suddenly reversed.
  4. And they cannot have one football team. Not that such would help.
  5. But the other way around is fine with them.

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