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edit Articles I've had something to do with

edit Honors and Awards

Certificate of Respiration
is hereby granted to:
for his/her ability to breathe.
--Uncyclopedia HowTo

edit Ideas for articles I'd like to make, but may or may not get around to

edit Dance club for people with no feet

A parody on places of business or charities with an unusually small target audience. Another possibility is People for Children Born Without Armpits.

edit The Blank Channel

When you hit the power button, it changes to the Blank Channel, where all they show is a blank screen. Should have a creation section (when the station started, where it is, ect.) and certainly a brief list of popular shows. (The Blank Show, The Blank Hour, The Late Show with a Blank Screen, a family sitcom called The Nihilists, ect.)

edit Quantum Computer/Answer

Real: Quantum computers are computers that hold all possible answers to a question, giving a finite answer to anything only after you ask for it. The answer given is only a guess, though it's a really good guess. Programming a quantum computer requires the use of matrix math, which makes the average human wet their pants in fear. Possible Joke: If these computers are hit and miss by nature, and Windows is hit and miss by nature, Quantum comuters running Windows must be incredibly stable; the innacuracies of each will cancel each other out.

edit Cockroaches as a building material

I don't care what the Cockroach article says; I've stomped roaches flat only to see them look me in the eye as soon as I lift my foot as if to say, "Is that all ya got?" Combine that with their ability to survive a nuclear holocaust, the green nature of using them instead of wood, and the fact that there are friggin' millions of them everywhere, and I seriously don't know why no one has suggested using them as a building material yet.

edit Rabbit Trail

The article starts talking about the subject of rabbit trails, side topics that speakers will often start talking about because their original speach doesn't take up enough time. Then, at the very first section, the article has an ADD moment and starts talking about rabbits, or trails; then it goes into the Trix Rabbit, and then... (an article that looks like the thing that it's about)

edit Boring Lecture

The text of the article will be completely straight. The comedy will come from the images, which will illustrate the epic boredom of the listener.

edit Holiday Towns

The Nightmare Before Christmas established that there are parallel worlds based on holidays; explicitly, there is a Halloween Town and a Christmas Town, and implicitly, there is an Easter Town. Other possibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Thanksgiving Town
  • Independence Day Town
  • Hanukkah Town
  • New Year's Town
  • St. Patrick's Day Town
  • Valentine's Day Town
  • Veterans Day Town
  • Martin Luther King Day Town
  • April Fool's Day Town
  • Cinco de Mayo Town (aka Corona Town)
  • Boxing Day Town
  • Groundhog Day Town
  • Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day Town
  • Leif Ericson Day Town

The article would spend 1-3 paragraphs talking about each town, and there would likely be a single section at the beginning of the article describing the towns in general, ie how they come into existence (What are the conditions for a holiday to have a town? Government recognition? Enough people celebrating it?), generally what kind of government they have (How is the leader chosen? Popular vote? Death Combat? Stick-Your-Hand-In-A-Hole-ocracy?), ect. This could branch into individual articles on the towns themselves.

edit HowTo: Use Your Corpse in a practical joke/to perpetuate a conspiracy

This would go through different things that you can have done with your body that, once your in the afterlife, will have you rolling with laughter at the living. Unfortunately, these pranks can only be performed once, so make sure you do it right!

edit After all the Bradys are gone

A common joke on Uncyclopedia seems to revolve around User:Zombiebaron killing a Brady if he doesn't get his way somehow. It got me wondering: What happens when there are no more Bradys to kill? There's only a finite number of Bradys, since I only remember 8 in the show.

edit Rescued Images

Rescued from the Great Purge of March 16th because I may be able to use it.

111111Devil14769 GuitarHeroBody 20v

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