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“ I am sick and I am tired of all these motherfucking civil wars on this motherfucking country!”
~ Nationalists on Thai politics
Thai Politics
(c) 2008 party bar soi 8 pattaya 3
read the file name, there is a clue to where you literally fight this battle
Conflict: over some chairs, lots of chairs
Date: 2004 - today
Place: Bangcock
Outcome: Nobody fucking wins, 51% of shares in Thai Government has been bought by Tesco
Hammer and sickle Commies Yellow Banana Republic
That Former Prime Minister A certain journalist
Supporter of that Former Prime Minister Bangcock dweller
Human rights, Economy, That Former Prime Minister, Anarchists, Truth, Liberals, Anime industry, Prostitute, Democracy
No Wikipedia
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After all it's about politics.

edit Logic behind Thai politics

It's motherfucking vicious circle! Enough is enough! I'm fucking tired of this motherfucking vicious circle in this motherfucking politics.

edit Logic behind Logic behind Thai Politics

It's motherfucking motherfucking vicious circle! "Enough is enough" is enough! I'm fucking tired of this motherfucking vicious circle in this motherfucking politics in these motherfucking memes.

edit Logic behind Logic behind Logic behind Thai Politics

What were you expecting?

You can do it, hope you know a thing or two about this topic, and know what Uncyclopedia is about, and not born retarded, and not aligned to either red or yellow, and not a bad politics fanboy the same way a bad Steve Jobs fanboy are. Seriously, article about Thai Politics are bound to be murdered because there are many fucktards who don't have humor/humour. Those basement dwellers are to blame for the fall of Thai webboards and Thailand's lack of presence on Uncyclopedia. If you shortdick are going to delete this Uncyclopedia article with some oh-so-respectable politically correct reason, go lick your beloved leader's superball.

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