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Edinburgh University is considered one of the more pre-eminent universities in the United Kingdom's Northern Provinces.

The university boasts a wide breadth of subjects, covering the sciences, liberal arts, law, and politics.

Campus buildings, and student accommodation, are scattered around the sprawling city. The university boasts of an international intake with many foreign students – particularly Americans – prepared to pay high fees to attend.

edit Rector

Sir Sean Connery. - Celebrating receipt of an honorary O-Grade from Edinburgh University

Current rector, Sean Connery, celebrating before getting back to his position.
Image: YouTubers.

The university's current Rector is Sir Sean Connery.

Born in the city, Connery was placed on a wall plaque in 2010. This living monument is situated near the rubble of the tenement building where he slept in the top drawer of a wardrobe.

He was awarded an honorary degree to permit him to assume the position.

Although a large ceremonial post, those who come to hold it do have great sway in the wider city. Engaging, and entertaining individuals are those best-remembered upon being replaced. It is then, perhaps, surprising that the Student Body decided not to vote for the province's new Cultural Ambassador, Susan Boyle.

Previous incumbents include Adam Smith, Ben Nevis, and recognised as the longest to stay in the position, Sir William Wallace.

edit Major Faculties of the University

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