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edit LOL's Talk

The use of the word, "LOL", is quite anoying. My usage, though, is justified. Anyway, think about it. Count how many times you, our someone else, types, or says, that abbreviation. Then realize the stupidity. Yes, the word is fun to say(or addicting to type), but isn't this word just used to often? It's just like how often someone says "like", or how often Piptney Peers shaved p-er p-ead. I mean come on? Anyways, my name was choosen simply for its ring and my non ablity for name choosing, so it was a twenty minute thinking process.But I eventually got through it. Well, I guess anyone could use LOL in moderation. Hey, nothing goes bad in this generation! Just look at halloween candy. Doesn't everyone save that crap for eons, especially considering our awesome US is obese? Yes, we are obese. Prick-Donalds began here, for Ronalds sake!But, as written before, LOL ain't to bad. As long as the user ain't a abuser and doesn't destroy the name.--LOL(lots-of-lacks) 06:13, 19 January 2009 (UTC)LOL

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