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“In Soviet Russia, Jesus Christ Believes in YOU!”
~ Russian Reversal on Christianity.
“Why is he called LEGO guy?”
~ Oscar Wilde on LEGO guy

Hya there, I'm LEGO guy. If any complaints, leave them with me, THERE IS A JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All atheists can kiss my ass.

My family:

Crazyfatkid My little brother.

Grue1 My older brother.

Broom2 My mom.

Farmer My dad.

Don't ask how my mom and dad met, it was freaky!!!!!!!!

edit Jesus Rocks


You, why do you stare at me?

If you read the Bible (and I know no one here does), you know Jesus is awesome. He calmed a sea, he healed a cripple and retard, he even ticked off people. He kicked ass.

edit LEGO Rocks


The brick, ready to eat a grue.

Robin Hood LEGO figure


The unsuspecting grue, moments before being pounced on.

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