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Welcome to my user page. In here, you will find very little that's funny or interesting. There's links to my finished work, as well as to all of my drafts. That's about it.

edit Stuff I'll publicly take credit for

As someone apparently thinks what little I've done is worthy of your valuable time, I may as well list my most noteworthy accomplishments here. And when I say "accomplishment," I mean that in a very, very loose sense of the word.

You'll probably notice very quickly from these finished articles as well as the drafts below that I specialize in U.S. Presidential Elections. Why? I dunno. It was something to do.

edit Philosophy of humor

I tend to see the absurdity in reality when I'm writing humor. History not only repeats itself, it satirizes itself at the same time.

edit Drafts

edit In Progress

James Buchanan

The Godfather Part III

The Listener's Guide to Coheed and Cambira

edit Finished


Napoleon Bonaparte

HowTo:Be a hipster

1840 Election

1948 Election

1960 Election


edit Abandoned

Grand Theft Chocobo

edit Other Stuff

Got a test/personal sandbox page right here.

Gonna want a link to this page.

And this one.

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