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Wankster Entertainment Television (WET for short) is supposedly going to be a TV channel, but some speculate that 50 Cent will shoot it nine times before it is even thought of. As of now, nobody knows...


no way...


nah. it won't happen.

edit Origins

File:Bnr cena-norris.jpg

One day, MC White Trash, knowing/thinking he could do anything, decided to make love to the TV. The result was Wankster Entertainment Television (WET). John Cena can now call himself mommy! YAY!! However, Chuck Norris challenged parenthood and became the first thing to beat Cena's meat for the WWF Title. Unfortunately, for the innocent children you see on those sappy 4 a.m. Crusade Commercials, WET was still on. Cena just masturbated to the tears. This was a lesson to the children to "take life as it comes" and "not to cry, or you will be raped by Michael Jackson Jr.".

edit Network Contract

As is obvious, Lil' Johnny slept with DirecTV CEO Oscar Wilde. They got it on so hard, that WET was a distant memory by this point. All they could think about was AHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHH!!!! In fact, we have Oscar's comments on the situation:

“I've never felt such pleasing squeezing in my life”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sex With Cena

edit ANYWAYS!!

Remembering Cena, Chuck Norris started this network. Instead of WET, he called it JCIG (John Cena is Gay).

“Thanks for my gift”
~ John Cena on the jack-off session

Cena thought he killed Norris and he renamed the JCIG Network WET.

edit WET

File:Jbl choking cena.jpg

The network can't get off the ground, due to the fact that no one will appear on it. But John Cena overcame the odds and appeared on it, presenting his selection of music, which includes:

edit Other Shows

  • Fagalicious Crap Hour With John Cena
  • VIP Douchetards With John Cena
  • Super Funky Fagalicious Sex-Tape Hour With John Cena
  • The Appreciation of the Great Success That is NOT, and I Repeat NOT, Madonna With John Cena
  • OverCUMMING the Odds With John Cena

edit "The Return"

Remember when we said "Cena thought he killed Norris"? Well, Norris came back and, well, let's just say he couldn't overcome THOSE odds, but he did anyway. This network is now a figment of your Grandma's imagination, not to mention Your Mom's. Hell, maybe even of Shitler's imagination. Then America's "favorite" bushwacker blew his TV up with Cupcakes that he got from Elmo's World. WET was some more. Maybe someone who has no life watches it, but do we know? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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