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Canada beer I Am Canadian!
This page may contain serious usage of eh , colour spelt with a u and the glorification of hockey. Also, there may be serious reference to beer and donuts (cause they're just awesome). Also, it may contain Anti-American humour. If an American gets too offended, please smack him with a hockey stick or a lacrosse raquet, and then say "You just got Canadianed, eh?"

“You just got Canadianed, eh?”
“In soviet Russia, Canadian watches YOU drink beer”
~ Russian reversal on Canadians
“You're an arrogant, loud, obnoxious, dumb, gun-loving person, now aren't you?”
~ Every Canadian on every American
“And you're all just drunk, french-speaking, poutine-eating, hockey-addicted eskimos to the south of us aren't you?”
~ Every arrogant, loud, obnoxious, dumb, gun-loving American on every Candadian
“(snort) Sure.”
~ Every Canadian on American stereotypes
“The French don't even have a word for 'entrepreneur'!!”
~ George W. Bush (real quote) on Franco-Canadians (means Canadians that speak French)

edit The point

As you may have guessed from the above quotes, this page is mainly going to be about insulting Americans, so if you are an American, please get a friend to smack you with a hockey stick, say to you "You just got Canadianed, eh?" and then go to another site.

edit Before Uncyclopedia

Before uncyclopedia, I was much the same as now. I love playing hockey and soccer. I live in a small white farm town with rednecks much like in Texas, or Tennessee (yee-hah) except we don't have guns, cause it's illegal in Canada. And that's why Canada only has about 160 murders a year while America has 11 000 a year. You guys may have the guns, the bombs and the ass holes but we've got the donuts and the manners. That's why everybody loves us and hates you guys. Ha Ha Ha.

edit Warning

You should note that every point will somehow highlight some of the millions of reasons why Canada is better than America. If you should find this offensive, get a hockey stick or a lacrosse raquet, give it to a friend, and tell him to smack you with it and then say "You just got Canadianed, eh?"

edit Hobbies

I like to play hockey, play soccer, make fun of Americans, play hockey, watch action movies, play video games, play hockey, eat donuts, make more fun of Americans, play more hockey, complain about iRaq and play more hockey.

And call Bush an ass hole repeatedly. While playing hockey.

edit What I Think is Wrong With the World

  • Americans
  • Big Bird
  • Not enough donuts

edit What is Wrong With the World

edit When I'm Bored

When I am bored, I like to play American football or baseball, play with HotWheels, watch Sesame Street, go to Tim Horton's, make fun of Americans for no reason, and watch hockey.

edit Since Uncyclopedia

See Before Uncyclopedia. My life hasn't changed much seeing as Uncyclopedia isn't that inspiring/life changing. It's just a web site. Get over it. Become a pornstar.

edit My Article(s)

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