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Hi guyz,I enjoy using uncyclopedia.

I am a VERY BIG fan of Angelina Jolie.

She's younger,taller,stronger and sexier than Jennifer Aniston.. and much hotter.


She's the hottest thing on earth

edit Jolie vs. Aniston

Age 31 37
Height 5'9 (taller) 5'3 (she's dumpy)
Weight 140 lb(muscly) 100lb(near starving)
Born Los Angeles,CA Sherman Oaks,CA
Catfight SkillsPeak female fighting skillWeakling
Income $+20 million per movie (2nd richest actress in the world $-5 million per movie (because she is nt half as sexy)
Ex Billy Bob ThorntonBrad Pitt (NOW BELONGS TO JOLIE)
Plus points Well...she's....let's come back to this one.
Sexuality Bisexual Unknown altough she has no luck flirting and may become a lesbian if desperate
Catfigt skillsShe can kick some as with that athletic body. More likely to lose to the younger Aunt Angelinabecause she's a little shrimp who would burst into unstoppable tears if she even cracked a nail
Obsessive fansites Over 60,including UNICEF, UNHCR, DWB, etc.Some guys just worship er. 5(most of whom are sympathetic)
Weak points None A bit silly,lack of acting skills,too old,has floppy breasts,has not done much charity unlike her sexier rival,she is alsoa hain smoker.
Why we like her She cares about others, doesn't take her fame for granted, is smart, went to college, and has made some of the best movies ever,She has adopted 2 orphans,she has done so much work for refugees.She stopped Brad from smoking,a habit he picked up from Jennifer Aniston. Who said we did?
Most famous for Portraying Lara Croft Rachel Green on Friends
FHM sexiness rating No.1 No. 18(Not on next years list)
Aliases Lady Croft nobody cares too much to give her one
Now dating Brad Pitt Single and desperate,she's miserable
Results Goddess Pussy Licking bitch

As you all can see, Jennifer Aniston is the asshole of the world, while Angelina Jolie is an angel among us.

edit Britney


Britney Spears after a visit to India

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