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Kai, apparently, does not want. And neither should you.

Komodo Gallant was here, was gone, and then was back again. Really, now!? That never happens on the internet.

Considering her recent acquisition of a mysterious object known as 'free time' she now has the ability to, ah... fire lazers?

Anyway, ask for pee reviews and you'll get them, maybe. She's looking for fame and glory, (or at least something to do to make herself useful,) and none of those things are under her couch.

Did she mention that every article she reviewed got featured?

And now, for some gratuitous cock on cock action.


I'm as confused as you are.

edit Things Komodo is responsible for

  • Not making a list of stupid things she is claiming to be responsible for but actually isn't.
  • Also 10% of the snakes that aren't on planes.

edit Komodo's evil hellspawn pages

The GazettE

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