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Blue orcs

Doing what they do best. (pillaging being what they do second best)

Knux's army is a crack division of bloodthirsty pillagers and destructinators that do the bidding of Knux, rampaging the userspaces of his foes, crushing all in his way, completely devastating articles with far too much crap in them, and serving him the occasional refreshment.

The core itself is mainly, if not entirely comprised of blue Orc grunts.


The Army was formed on 20/01/07 in a responsive act by Knux after his first sworn enemy, The Elementalist, committed an unprovoked act of vandalism where he lives, his userspace. On the very same day The Army was formed and struck back decisively, brutally murdering an entire section of his userspace. After this, they stopped of to repair Knux's userspace before they returned home triumphantly where they remained, guarding the spoils of their victory and being ready at hand should old enemies recover and try a second round.

Later on, 22/01/07, one Kalir struck unexpectedly and allegedly slew Knux. Little did they know however that he was reanimated! And the blue orcs were sent on a revenge mission, slaying a baby lamb and leaving naught but the head in the name of honour.

On the same date, to test their seige weaponry, The Army launched a strike at some whiney emo kid.

Users currently under the protection of said Orcs

Users currently under threat by the same Orcs

How to defend yourself against The Army

How to defend? There is no defending. The only way you can enusre that you dont fall victim to the unstopable horde is to not become a target in the first place. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Don't piss off knux
  • Don't hamper the missions of The Army
  • Don't piss off knux
  • Don't attack The Army directly. This is suicide.
  • Don't piss off knux
  • Avoid contracting this
Box9 Knux has declared war on this user. May god have mercy on their soul.
  • And perhaps most importantly, dont make crap crap unfunny articles, or really badly formatted ones. The Army can and will be used for the good of Uncyclopedia
  • Oh yeah, and don't piss off knux
  • You could even, through some miracle of assisting or impressing Knux, even have this added to your userspace. Thus rendering you not only safe, but protected BY said Orcs.
Blueorc This user is protected by Blue Orcs. Knux must like them.
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