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I am KissMeKidzBop (sockpuppet of QOS), the socially awkward American ten year old girl of Swedish, Italian, German, Icelandic, and Taiwanese descent, but lots of users on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki refer to me as QOS. Though only a few users know my real name (Lucia F. Bevilacqua). I am one of the few female users on Uncyclopedia.

edit EEEE! Favorites!

  • Favrite singers- P!nk, Hannah Montana,Lesley Gore, La Roux, Nicki Minaj, CSS, V.V. Brown
  • Favorite school subjects- writing, art, recess
  • Favorite songs- "You and Your Hand Tonight" by P!nk, "California Gurls" by Katy Perry, "Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows" by Lesley Gore, "Shark in the Water" by V.V. Brown, "Sometimes I Wish I Were a Boy" by Lesley Gore, "Everybody" by V.V. Brown, "About You Now" by Miranda Cosgrove
  • Favorite TV show- Hannah Montana (Disney Channel)
  • Favorite colors- electric green, turquoise, awesome (yes, there's a color called awesome. Look it up on Wikipedia, this website's smarty-farty counterpart), sky blue pink
  • Favorite countries- Italy, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Brazil, Haiti, Iceland

edit GRRRR!! Least favorites!

  • Least favorite singers- Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas
  • Least favorite school subjects- Social studies, science, math
  • Least favorite songs- "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna, Alejandro by Lady Gaga, Baby by Justin Bieber
  • Least favorite TV show- My Gym Partner's a Monkey (Nickelodeon)
  • Least favorite colors- Pink, Bulgarian rose, orange
  • Least favorite countries- Sweden, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Algeria, Russia (only because I have an enemy who is Russian-American), Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Mexico, Portugal, Jamaica, Cuba, Australia
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