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These are my frequently asked questions. Actually, very few of these questions are really asked 'frequently'. Mostly this page only exist to make me feel important.

edit What is the definition of the title 'dip' you apply to yourself?

The most common variation applied to me is dipshit. I'm also sometimes referred as a 'kipshit'.

edit Why are you such a gobshite?

I have the reputation here for being a useless gobshite. I'm supposely annoying and I don't really contribute to the site. Most of this I built up myself with my Block Me!! page. Secondly, it also stems from on the fact that I am stupid on IRC. Finally, I've done stupid things before, such as creating the controversal parakeet page as a vandalism. All this makes me look really bad.

But the truth is that I love Uncyclopedia. It's one of my top favorite websites, and it would totally suck if I didn't have it. I try to contribute whenever I can, either by cleaning up pages, or voting of VFD or VFH. However, despite being a good writer, I haven't got the hang of writing satire yet. Although I would find it hilariously awesome to win Unless Gobshite of the Month award or Wanker of the Month, I hope to someday win a real award, such as Writer of the Month.

edit Can I whore my article to you?

"Whore" is such a dirty word. If you have a page on VFH and you want to "advertise" it to me, I will be sure to read it and give you an honest vote. Just don't be aggrivated if I vote against.

edit What is your favourite article?

Hands down Fisher Price and Fisher Price: A Retrospective. I only have two favorite books listed on my Facebook account: The Holy Bible, and Fisher Price. I'm a huge fan.

However, not everybody loves it. Once in a while you'll hear "it's just crap" and "ony the retrospective is funny". They fail to see its true beauty. How I pitty them!

Like always, simple things bring up many questions. Was the author mad at Fisher-Price, Inc.? Or did the author just want to create irony by writing something vulgar and giving it a children's toy company name? The possibilities are intriging! That's why I believe the micro-stub survived huffage for so long.

This theme was captured perfectly with Fisher Price: A Retrospective, parodying it as "literary genius". Jokes like that are why I love Uncyclopedia. Most other 'kept QVFDable page' spin-offs also use the intellectual approach. That's a reason why I don't like these "crap pages". They make Fisher Price and the retrospective less special.

Also, the phrase is goofy. Sometimes I just say "Go eat shit fuckers" to myself.

edit What is your least favourite article?

I dunno.

edit so i herd u liek mudkips?

Sure, it's cute, but please stop associating me with that Pokémon.

edit Are you Jewish?

No, but I am a big fan.

Star of Sophia

edit Do you have any sockpuppets?

Honestly, I do somewhere. But I never use them. Two of them were just made as joke pages, and I basically only used one to nominate Chuck Norris for deletion. (This was before the rewrite.)

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