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Jim Grinch

You're an informative one, Mr. Wales!

A list of my own original, and not so original, works. Each article is in it's own respective category and placed in chronological order from when it was main-spaced.

edit Articles

Mainspace: The Hall of Shame.

edit Meta non-articles

edit HowTo

edit UnBooks

edit Poetry

edit UnTunes

Eat your pancreas out, "Weird Al" Yankovic.

edit Faux News

edit 2007

edit 2008

edit 2009

edit 2010

edit 2011

edit 2012

edit Interviews

edit Columns and Editorials

edit In-Joke and Article Parodies

Go eat shit fuckers.

edit My sojourn

edit Miscellaneous

I don't consider these canonical, though they deserve listing.

My secret workshop! It's secret because I use child labor.

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