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edit LOL! This is great!

What better way to mock the ignorant rednecks than to parody them? Of course, they practically parody themselves! What, with all their crazy conspiracy-mongering...

TBchart1 that one about Obama being a Crypto-Muslim...


Holy shit, is that the deficit, or was there just a fucking earthquake?

...or the widely debunked one about him being born in Kenya, yet for some reason given his future Indonesian step-father's last name, and having his grandparents tamper with Hawaian hospital documents...


...both of which have blantantly racist undertones...


If anyone wants a more up-to-date score, the unemployment rate is currently around 9.7%, a drop from late 2009

...and the insane claims of Obama being some kind of strange hybrid of Nazi, Hippie, Fascist, Socialist, and Communist. I guess he's a "no red states or blue states" Centrist afterall, because that is some political syncretism!

Seriously, an Uncyclopedia parody of these wingnut wackos is a long-time coming! -- Kip > Talk Works Puzzle Potato Dry Brush CUN Icons-flag-us 07:14, Apr. 10, 2010

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