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edit 'Hear ye, hear ye! Citizens of Uncyclpedia! Call to order! SILENCE!!! '


"We the people, in order to create a more perfect Uncyclopedia, do hereby demand a page entitled "This Page Does Not Exist"!!!"

"Throughout the ages, since the dawn of time, going back forever, geniuses have always been mocked, ridiculed, tarred, feathered, and forced to date people no one else would date. It is time to put an end to this mockery! We want our "This Page Does Not Exist" page, and we want it NOW!!"

<crowd cheers>

"From the Halls of Montezuma, to the gulf stream waters, "This Page Does Not Exist" page was made for you and me!"

<crowd cheers>

"Are we being unresonable? NO! We're not asking for equal rights for squirrels! We're not asking for oval manhole covers! We're not asking for an end to those annoying back up beepy alarms on utility trucks! Although..."

"Nay, all we want is our space! All we want is! All we demand is for a page that does not exist-to exist! In peace, in perfect harmony!"

<crowd cheers>

"So what say you?! WHAT SAY YOU?!!"

This page does not exist

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