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Seung-Hui Cho
Born January 18, 1984
Died April 16, 2007
Signature Works Richard McBeef,

Mr. Brownstone

Nationality Korean

Seung-Hui Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Cho was an influencial Korean playwright, novelist, poet, MK Ultra Mind Controlled Assassin, and author of short stories. Cho had 33 published works while 25 were left unpublished because of an early death.


Birth and early life

Cho since birth was diagnosed with extreme autism and retardation. He always had problems communicating with other people and possessed a slurred speech. Other kids would often make fun of him for this which resulted in more isolation.

Early success and publication

Cho having written extremely violent and often "rambling" writtings submitted them to The Emo Korean where he found instant success with over 5 million readers. His writtings have been described as "unique" and "edgy" earning him a place in emo writers history.


After a long hard road of blathering writings that no one gave a shit about, Cho was having a lot of pressure from his social losertude and inability to nail even an ugly chick. Eventually, the shame of wanking himself to sleep overwhelmed his latent buttosexuality and he went on a killing spree, proving himself a homo little faggot bitch by only shooting at people who couldn't shoot back, and missing most of them. He eventually blew his brains out, an amazing feat of marksmanship considering the small target and his ongoing fuckupedness. His grave is the regular site of drunken shit-ins by outraged real men. Wait, "real men" don't get outraged--especially not by something as trivial as murders.

Richard McBeef

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A famous work Cho was responsible for was Richard McBeef a tale of a child and his stepfather. Preformed by retards.

Mr. Brownstone

The other famous work was Mr. Brownstone a tale of three kids in a casino hating on their teacher.

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