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CONSERVAPEDIA, The Internets - On this MLK Day, Americans take the time to remember the late Martin Luther King Jr. Many writers from a wide arrange of political persepectives are trying to find just the right words to describe the cherished Civil Rights icon. Conservapedia, the American Conservative Christian Homeschool alternative to Wikipedia, is no different. However, a debate is brewing among Conservapedians. The problem is not how to honor King, but whether or not to honor him.

"Schlafly and his ilk don't want to tell the truth about Martin Luther King in fear of being labled 'racist'. Conservapedia is succumbing to the very radical leftist political correctness he originally set out to destroy. I, for one, am dissappointed."



Evil. End of debate.

What do Conservapedians think of the first African-American president Barack Obama? "Oh, this isn't even debatable," says Schlafly. "Hussein Osama is clearly an Islamic Marxist mole trying to destroy this great nation's Judeo-Christian heritage." He went on to say, "I think if Martin Luther King were alive, he'd be very disappointed."

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