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“Lucy Liu is the virtue of the vicious.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is the biggest whore ever. starting her career at age 97 (months old), she required many injections of botox and semen. In her face. She was born in Mongolia, and immediately moved to vancouver right after being born, for her parents were just visiting Mongolia for a vacation, and her mother just happened to be pregnant. Her parents are not Mongolian or Mongolian related at all. They were pissed off that her daughter had to be born during a vacation. So they dropped her off in a strip club in Vancouver, and went on another vacation. Lucy Liu Was born and raised in a strip club, and was apopted and raised by Hungry Hungry Hippos, and learned the trade quite quickly how to do it right. She became a famous stripper-whore-crime fighter. She then started a war against Manatoba.

edit The Manatoba wars

Manatoba was the evil colony known for french fries that, with the combined effects of ice cream, could turn people into useless piles of genetalia and pubic hair. Do not touch my genetalia, though, unless i give you a dollar in advance. When Lucy Liu singlehandedly invaded manatoba, the useless piles of genetalia stuck to her like titties to a babies mouth. The genetalia served as a sheild and she fought off the Manatobian army, and defeated. The reasons behind her attack are unclear, other than an attempt to gain publicity so she could star in the Charlie's Angels movie. All they needed was a hot Asian woman with partial acting skills, so that she could make Drew Barrymore's acting skills look good.

edit Continued prostitution in the movie and TV industry

With her sexy body, she was able to fuck herself into more Conspiracies:

Here are some of the movies and TV shows:

  • Charlos Angelos 2
  • Kill Billay
  • Kill Billay parte dos
  • Maya & Miguel (TV show)

edit Things You Would Wants To Whisper into Lucy Liu's ear.

“Hey baby, I like your freckles, hmm? What's that? They're from a reaction to the sun? That doesn't surprise me, it's a very common thing. My uncle once had to get a skin graph because of that. I think it's sexy, aww you're blushing... I love you. Marry me! Yes? OMG this is the BEST day of my life!”
~ John Scherch

edit People who want to do her

  • Philip J. Fry (At least when she's only a sex robot, but that's all the time.)

edit Naked ass shots

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

(Okay, then check out "City of Industry" [[1]] at your local "Blockbusters")

edit See also

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