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“Shot your fuck up”

My trusty pet donkey, Kowalski.

After coming to America smuggling heroine through my penis, I went home and searched for the latest drug methods on Google. While surfing through multiple web sites, I came across the latest fad known as kitten huffing. I followed the link and it lead to Uncyclopedia, an online encyclopedia. I immediately went to their article on my home country Poland. Offended by the utter nonsense, I wanted to tell these son of a bitches off. After 3 days of previewing the talk page, I decided to tell them to "shot your fuck up".

It was in January 2007 that I once again came across Uncyclopedia, after finally getting over my addiction to heroine and had learned to speak English. I created one user account, which had then been banned for a week for creating This page does not exist, which has since been protected. It was then that I created my account as Kip the Dip.

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