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IRC quotes.

<LordKaT> hmm
<LordKaT> brb, I think my apartment is on fire

<OpenFaceSurgery> I got a picture with Johan Hegg :D
<Mhaille> that man has the funniest nipples I have ever seen


<I1raqattack> im going to go to ED and get them to help me
<mayhem> with what?
<I1raqattack> Owning you
<Bonner> You go to ED now dear
<Bonner> Go die in a fire
<AAA^> yeah
<TheLedBalloon> I1raqattack: you may wanna check out ED's page called "Pain Series" while you're over there
<Bonner> Indeed TheLedBalloon
<AAA^> I1raqattack: LedBalloon's right. It'll help you
<I1raqattack> OH MY GOD
<TheLedBalloon>  I1raqattack: you'd better go to Pain Series, quick
<I1raqattack> I DID
<Bonner> Hahaha
<I1raqattack> IT IS SICK
<TheLedBalloon>  there is your ED
<I1raqattack> What is up with them do they think that is funny?
<TheLedBalloon> like I said: you need to see evil's true form before you can fully reject it
<I1raqattack> That gonna make me throw up
<I1raqattack> Im sorry for pissing you off.
<I1raqattack> That website is cursed
<I1raqattack> They should seriuosly get taken down or something
<AAA^> I1raqattack: welcome to our world...
<I1raqattack> How could you vandalize ED
<Jacob_Myers|ssh> I1raqattack, you can't
<Jacob_Myers|ssh> it's *all* vandalism
<AAA^> man, this beats Family Guy any day...

Notes: Maybe ED does have its upsides... --AAA

<zeldafan500>  My edits are funny and everyone here just has no sense of humor.

* EugeneKay turns into a turkey
* ZB|Writing pours gravy all over Eugene
* Leoispotpourri licks it off
<EugeneTurkey> o.O
* EugeneTurkey gets the carving knife
* EugeneTurkey cuts off his breasts
<EugeneTurkey> White meat, anyone?
* ZB|Writing swallows Eugene whole

<mudkipsV> I'm getting more anal everyday.

edit Themes

edit Olipro

<EugeneKay> I'll EAT it, but I'm not going to order it.
<EugeneKay> I'll eat just about anything, for that matter.
<Olipro> interesting 
* Olipro unzips
<EugeneKay> Though I draw the line at anything that smells rotten.
<Olipro> oh 
* Olipro rezips

<Mitch_1_2> Olipro and I have a mutual understanding; he doesn't try to mount me, 
and I don't report all the screams that I hear coming from his basement.

<AAA^> The Olipro Theory:
<AAA^> 8=D(o)
<AAA^> or for those who can't read characters...
<AAA^> "eight equals D times o"

<Starnestommy> The only difference between Vista and Olipro: One rapes computers, the other rapes you

edit RCMurphy and turtles

rcmurphy: Last week this girl knocked on my door...
rcmurphy: And she was like, "Are you ___?"
rcmurphy: And I said no.
rcmurphy: And she was like, "Ok. Want to see my turtles?"
rcmurphy: And she had like five little turtles in a cardboard box.
Zombiebaron: rc, so did you and her get it on?
rcmurphy: If by "get it on" you mean "look at her turtles"...
rcmurphy: And if by "turtles" I mean the animal and not some kind of weird sexual euphemism...
rcmurphy: Then yes, we got it on.
Zombiebaron: word
Zombiebaron: thats awesome
Zombiebaron: jigga shit

<rcmurphy> Besides, nothing is more obnoxious than people bragging about their sexual exploits.
<Zombiebaron> rcmurphy: I remember that time you told us about getting it on with that turtle chick.
<Zombiebaron> Hippocrit.
<rcmurphy> That was blown entirely out of proportion!
<Zombiebaron> "So were you"
<rcmurphy> But yeah, in terms of turtle-showing we got it on.
<rcmurphy> We got it on hardcore.

<rcmurphy> I squashed a turtle under my car tires today.
* Tompkins sets mode: +b *!*
* rcmurphy was kicked by Tompkins (AHTE HATE HATEH!K!L!
* rcmurphy has joined #uncyclopedia
* Tompkins sets mode: -b *!*
<rcmurphy> Actually what happened was...
<rcmurphy> I squashed a turtle under my car tires.
<rcmurphy> Then I laughed.
<Tompkins> I want to ban you
<Tompkins> But then I laugh too hard.
* Tompkins sets mode: +b *!*
<Tompkins> Oh wait... who was that?
<Tompkins> was that rc again?
<Tompkins> Oh no..
<Tompkins> I should do something about that...
<Tompkins> yep.
* Tompkins sets mode: -b *!*
* _turtle_ has joined #uncyclopedia
<_turtle_> hewwo!
<_turtle_> will u be my fwend?
* rcmurphy runs over _turtle_
* Tompkins sets mode: +b *!*
<rcmurphy> Can't take a joke.
<rcmurphy> Anyway, I have to go now.
<rcmurphy> There are turtles to be run over.
* rcmurphy has left #uncyclopedia
<Olipro> sorry for winding you up Tompkins
<Olipro> everyone has their favourite thing
<Tompkins> Nah, i could care less if someone ran over a turtle..
<Tompkins> I just have to pretend to be offended.

edit Kip the Dip

# (Block log); 17:57 . . Strange but untrue (Talk | contribs) (blocked User:Kip the Dip 
with an expiry time of 242 seconds: Parakeet parakeet parakeet. Parakeet!)

<Kip> When you sing, you carry O key
*** Kip has been kicked off channel #uncyclopedia by Zombiebaron (Terrible pun.)

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