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go eat shit fuckers

edit A Halloween Retrospective

Creepy Bush mask

Halloween is a night of fun and revelry, a night of mischief and a night of myth, a night of vandalism and a night of everything childish. Hence, it only seems appropriate that Fisher Price was released onto the world that very night.

Officially, the date of the publication for Fisher Price is the first day of November, as measured by the Coordinated Universal Time. However, the place of the publication was Quincy, Indiana, which was experiencing Halloween night. Indeed, was spotted at the Ritz hotel wearing a mask of George W. Bush. Perhaps the author had returned from a Halloween party, and was immediately struck by inspiration from the very spirit of the holiday.

Under this view, Fisher Price could be interpreted as commentary on the custom of trick-or-treating. By stating "go eat shit fuckers", the author was telling children, or 'little fuckers', to got out and eat all the tooth-decaying sweets to can get their hands onto. He also gave a nod to teenagers stuck in a Purgatory of childhood and adulthood by contrasting the vulgar phrase with the name of a toddler's toy company. Overall, Fisher Price represents living out our youth while we still can, on this, the night of the Id.

With that in mind, let's keep this message in our hearts, not just one night a year, but every day of our lives. Let this be the motto of all the childish at heart:

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