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edit Origins Of The Relationship

Camerica is an (intimate) relationship between America (USA) and Canada. The relationship was formed after America's divorce from

Between Friends (With Privlieges)

Great Britain, when the tabloids reported that it was homosexual. While the marriage between America and Britain was near-end, America had a secret love affair with Canada, and Britain had a secret gay love affair with some other accent-speaking country (probably the french). During the WW2, America and Canada joined forces and the reltionship became official. However, after the burdening divorce from Britain, America didn't want to re-marry ever again, only date. America was so in love with Canada, and viced versa that they re-owned their relationship as being "happily unmarried to the same country forever." Gene Simmons stole this catch phrase while refferring to his un-marriage to Shannon Tweed. The name "Camerica" was originated from the previous president on prime minister action.

It was roumered that there was a secret romance between George and Stephen. They also have a reported son, Stephen Jr.

The result of President/Prime Minister Sex

edit Conflicts and Creations

Like most couples, America and Canada often got into minor arguements about stupid things; like America's over excessive use of ya'll and Canada's over-used Eh? The heated arguments usually led to a pillow fight, a bitch slap fight and a heated country orgy,

Happy-The Best Country Sex Ever

which would usually last 6 hours. While many countries in early times lusted after the sexy America, it was Canada that was getting laid by the lucky soul mate. Other faggy countries eventually got over the thoughts of committing adultery with one of the two-countries, knowing they could never come between Camerica and often turned to their own trade partners to fill their needs.

edit Permanent Un-marriage Life

's hat

American's view of canada

Today, many American citizens cross the border to have sex with Canadians. Canadians often bring Molsen Canadian beer, (the greatest beer of all time) over to America on Independence Day to celebrate with their American friends. Americans share their USA hotdogs with Canadians. July 2nd and July 3rd are both known as Camerica Dependance Day. As both countries are seperate countries (not married) they still depend on each other to a ceratin extent.

edit Camerican Couples

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