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You should report users that vandalize multiple times or create multiple articles that should be quickly deleted.

edit Special pages

  • Special:Deadendpages - All articles here should be tagged appropriately or added to QuickVFD if they weren't vandalized.
  • Special:BrokenRedirects There should be exactly 49 pages in here. If there are more, all pages without the language prefix should be changed or added to QuickVFD.
  • Special:Newpages - The ones created by IPs or users without a userpage are more likely to require maintenance tags or quick deletion.
  • Special:Wantedcategories - Most of the pages in these are userpages, NRV'd articles or articles in Votes for deletion. The dates in here should be created as a subcategory of the month. The article in here that are copied from Wikipedia should reverted if they are vandalized or added to Votes for deletion if they were originally copied. The articles that have red categories should be reverted if they were vandalized. If they originally had red categories and they are of low quality, they should be NRV'd if they are new or added to Votes for deletion if they are old. Otherwise, the unintentional red categories should be removed.

edit Maintenance tags

  • {{NRV}} - for new short articles with other problems or new articles that would be added to Votes for deletion.
  • {{expand}} - for any very short article without other problems.
  • {{deadend}} - for any old or somewhat long article without any internal links, including the ones on existing templates.
  • {{redlink}} - for any old or somewhat long article with many red links or red links that are easy to fix.
  • {{ugly}} - for any old or somewhat long article with formatting problems or few working links.
  • {{stub}} - for all old short articles and short articles without other problems.
  • {{construction}} - for when the author says he will continue, work on, or finish an article.

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