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Watertown, New York is a cesspool.

It's by far the worst place in America, perhaps even the worse place in the world. Everyone who lives in Watertown wishes they died.

The Town of Watertown is located in a vast, cold wasteland.

There are no areas of redeeming quality that borders it.

edit History That No One Cares About

Some guy that no one cares about established it, knowing little of the consequences.

The town was probably formed around the 1800s but no one cares because it doesn't matter. There is no rich history behind Watertown. There was no Boston Tea Party. If people in Watertown wanted to dump a load of tea into a harbor they would have a hard time finding one that wasn't 10 inch deep in frozen ice. Good lord this place sucks.

The unwitting twats actually thought it was a good idea to stay in Watertown. Little did they know how dumb that decision was. It was probably the worst decision since women's rights. And yes that was a joke, but did you know Watertown is still practicing slavery? I mean why else would there be black people up there? It's upstate New York for Christ sake.

edit Geography That No One Cares About

A cold wasteland.

edit Demographics, Or Lack Thereof

White as snow.

edit Headline Text About How Much This Place Sucks

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