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Delaware - Inside a Delawarean home, the Hartfords were having a quiet Easter dinner when suddenly they were ambushed by a naked Pope who relentlessly sodomized their 11 year old son Timmy.

"I don't know why the Pope came to Delaware," said the blushing Mrs. Hartford as she cleaned the cum stains off the kitchen walls. "But I was honored nonetheless, me being a Catholic and all." When pressured to acknowledge her son being molested, she simply nodded and went back to cleaning.

"I don't think I was molested," said their son Timmy as he nervously looked up to his mother. "I mean, I thought I was being molested." His eyes wandered, began to stare at his shoes. "I was playing with my toys. I look up, I see naked Pope pulling out his dinglings. He tells me 'Hey boy, gimme your toys'. So I give him my train set. He puts train set up his poopie. Then he put his dinglers in MY poopie! It hurt lots."

The boy continued, "My teacher always told me, 'Timmy if your poopie hurts, it means you either have to go real bad or you're being raped," he paused, then looked to his father, "So I thought I was in trouble. I must've thought wrong. I must've had to go real bad instead. That's why I bled so much blood, it was because I had to go real bad."

When asked why the Pope shoved the train set up his anal cavity, the boy shrugged and said, "It probably was some kind of Catholic version of tag I didn't know about."

The naked pedophile Pope is still yet to be found.

writers note: jesus christ this isn't very good

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