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You are afraid to not exist. Just thinking about ceasing to exist gives you a headache. How can one not exist? How can you just stop existing? It boggles your mind. It makes you feel depressed when you will not be around to see flying cows and chromed soft drinks. As a pledge, you promised yourself to do nothing dangerous, to be a virgin and live inside your parent's basement, to live as long as humanly possible...


...You have just died.

Good thing you signed up for crynogenics...

What is Crynogenics?

Crynogenics is when you freeze yourself into a cube.


Here are the steps:

  • Take dead body.
  • Put it in a large glass cylinder full of water.
  • Put glass cylinder in fridge.

And that's exactly what they did with your corpse...

So now what?

Well you're dead. By signing up to crynogenics, you're banking that in 500 years or so, they'll somehow be able to revive you. Let's hope you didn't waste your money! Alright...






500 Years Later

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