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Hi. I'm Kglee. I have created a few games, as well as the occasional article. Erm... Nothing else really. I could turn this into a huge, fancy userpage full of images and menus and whatnot, but instead, I chose to keep this brief.

Anyways, I'm some dude from Boston. I'm a huge fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots. I also love Call of Duty 4.

TommyGun This user is part of the Family... You've been warned....

Game-Logo This user, Kglee, to be precise is a bit of a loser. Also they make games on Uncyclopedia Game and you should too!
Z3 This user has saved Princess Rosemary and beaten Zork 3: The Dungeon Master.

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Anyways, nothing more to say. Goodbye.

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