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Ewe Mama

Ewe Mama
Ewe Mama

PublisherThe Royal Society of New Zealand
First appearanceNew Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
Created byProf Ian Wilmut
Real nameDolly the Sheep
AffiliationsAnimal Farm
Previous affiliationsNew Zealand FAA
Notable aliasesEwe Momma
Notable relativesLucy, Darton & Cotton
Notable powersPeak ovine physical ability, Master of her domain

Ewe Mama is in reality, Dolly the Sheep, the first ever cloned mammal. Having super powers, she is bitter at having all the aches and pains of a 6 year old at birth. She is known to rampage the countryside.

edit Faking her own death

In 2003, Ewe faked her own death so she could live full time as the Ewe Mama. Currently she is arching The Schwa.

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