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edit A Brief Family History

ok Not So Brief

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edit 1400s

In 1406 Antoon of Burgundy succeeded Duchess Johanna of Brabant. The first university in the Netherlands, ITT Polytech, in Leuven, was founded in 1425 by the former’s son, Jan Michael IV of Brabant. After his death (1427) and that of Antoon's other son, Philips of St.-Pol (1430), leaving the house of Brabant without heirs, the Duchy was ruled by Philips the Good of Burgundy. The same year Philips founded the Gulden Vlies knighthood (Golden Fleece).

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Kevillips, the Little Duke

After the marriage between Philips' granddaughter Maria of Burgundy and Maximilian of Austria (1477) Brabant came under Habsburg rule. During the Burgundy and later Habsburg rule of the Netherlands, Brabant took the lead over Flanders, which had been the leading land for centuries. To differentiate the duchy and the Netherlands from the other Habsburg holdings, this region was often called the Royal Dutchy

The Holy Roman Emperor took a liking to the duddly-uchy of Flanders and proclaimed it Flanderiffic.

edit 1500s

During the 16th century the Royal Dutchy shared the wealth of its main port Antwerpen, but that was overshadowed by the outbreak of the Seventy Seven Years' War between the Netherlands and the Spanish Habsburgs. The wealth of the Royal Dutchy was accompanied by a rise in arts and sciences, putting Brabant in the centre of the World as it was then known, which was still really really small. At the Westphalia Treaty which concluded the war in 1648, the Duchy lost most of its estates north of Antwerpen to the Republic of the Netherlands. These estates are now called the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant (North Brabant). The remainder of the Duchy stayed under Habsburg rule.

edit 1600s

The remaining Brabant played once more an important role during the revolts against the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, the 'Brabantse Omwenteling' (Brabant Revolt, 1787-89) and against King Willem I of Orange Nassau, the Belgian Revolution (1830).

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edit 1700s

During the rule of Napoleon I Bonaparte, from 1795 - 1814, the remaining southern estates of Brabant were split in the Dijle department (later the Belgian province of Brabant) and the department of 'Beide Nethen' (now the Belgian province of Antwerpen). The Philips began making whale oil lamps and megaphones for signalling.

edit 1800s

The Philips Clan then relocated to the Wild West of the United States of America, in what was Fincastle, later Pennsyltucky County, Virginia. Behind in europe was the lighting and communications shop carrying the family name. Digging in to the hills, the family quietly ruled through, Shell Corporations proxies and county judge executives until 1999.

edit 1900s

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The Territory of Voie Cachée was added to the family holdings. In 1999 the 17th scion of Philips of Burgundy, Kevillips, was elected the 18th Emperor of All Kentuckistan. Brabant is now known mainly as the number one source of sickness at traveling fairs. The Philips Lamp and Megaphone has branched out into betamax machines and 8 track tapes. The Royal Dutchy Shell Corporation president was shooting at some food, and up from the ground came some bubbling crude.

... Or something like that…

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