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The UnFuture:Maine Page is a page created by noted typoist Kevillips, in an attempt at humor.

edit UnNotes

  1. The blink element has been consistently criticised by usability and accessibility experts. In 1996 Jakob Nielsen described the element as "simply evil" in his Alertbox column Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design.
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  3. The World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 state that content authors should avoid causing the screen to flicker or blink, noting that such effects can cause problems for people with cognitive disabilities or photosensitive epilepsy.
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  5. The German Federal Government's Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung (Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance) also states that flickering or blinking content should be avoided.
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  9. This does not seem to apply to blink element itself, which blinks at frequency of 1 Hz.
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  12. Mozilla Firefox satisfies this requirement by providing a hidden configuration option to disable blinking.
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