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No self respecting funny man should have to explain his own jokes. But like the insiders guide to simpsons, multi-level humor is hard to pull of.

Here is a list of some of the things, I am afraid some people will not get.

edit Eraserhead

  • the story line follows that of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, due to my declaring the main character Klaus Nomi, the late German Glam star of which Harold Lloyd resembles in the attached photo.
  • Why Harold Lloyd? because in my other Article Silent film I used Harold Lloyd as an example of a silent film star. as I chose that photograph, I noticed the classic eraserhead hairdo and the nomi look alike and a crossover was born,
  • Valerie Bertanellie as Barbara Cooper was a call back tot he show One Day at a Time, when she was credited that way, after season one.

edit Silent film

  • the entire premise of this article is a play on the word Soylent and Silent.
  • the zombie and helen keller connection was just fill to make the joke work.

edit Loud Computer Voice that Counts Backwards

  • was a bit more off the wall.
  • There can Be only one, is a catch phrase from the Highlander
  • who has one of those, looks like a question but is actually a statement, as in Dr. Who has a TARDIS. this is for Dr Who fans alone.
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