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Калі бос або калега бачыць гэты артыкул, сцвярджаюць, што гэта быў спам і вінаваціць ІТ хлопцы. У адваротным выпадку, працягвайце чытаць, пакуль вашыя непрыстойныя заклікае выкананы.

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RSP (Belarus)
Broken heart boys minsk
Origins Minsk
Years Active 2006-present
Genre(s) Trash-pop, Punk-rock
Labels Major Belarussian Label: West
Members Sklep,
Julia & Maryna
Former Members {{{former members}}}

Razbitaje Serca Pacana or simply RSP (Belarus) is a White Russian Trash-pop Punk-rock band, famed for a naked video scandal.

edit Разбітае Сэрца Пацан

Belarussian RSP (Razbitaje Serca Pacana) or (CPR) is a music project founded by actors from the well known Svabodny Theatre which was prohibited from performing in Belarus. Not happy with the lack of mother country exposure, Sklep formed a "band" in the late 1990s. The band actually started making music in 2005 when Paul Gorodnitsky and the girls joined. Having no real musical talent, other than what they learned from Guitar Hero, they relied on audience pleasing gimmicks for their success. The success was huge.

edit Music

The music of RSP is filled with giant amount of humor, a bit of caricature and sarcasm but also peculiar self-irony in the style of the Polish Pogodnpo.

edit Translate

The refrain is: Победа за механизмом - все девушки из мяса к нам придут на порцию любви. Победа за механизмом - победа будет наша ! Что же в нас такого ?! Huĭ poĭмы ! (Pobeda za mehanizmom - vse devushki iz myasa k nam prydut na portsiyu lyubvi. Pobeda za mehanizmom - pobeda budet nasha! Chto zhe v nas takogo?! Huĭ poĭmi!)

Literal translation is: A victory is mechanism's - all gals are made from meat they will come to us to get a portion of love A victory is mechanism's - the triumph will be ours what the fuck is so special about us? heck knows!

edit Members

Troica Andrei Zhukov

on right, the armless dude from the video

RSP’s lyrics are a mixture of Belarussian, Russian and other regional languages. The blended language is referred to as trasianka (or Meshanka)
  • Denis "Sklep" Tarasenko - Guitar
    (Дзяніс Тарасенка - гітара)
  • Paul "Adenoma" Gorodnizky - Vocals, Flute
    (вакал Павел Гарадніцкі - флейта)
  • Aljaksandr "Glaukoma" Kavaleu - Vocals, drums
    (бубны Андрэй "Эндру" Восіпчык)
  • Andrew "Andy" Vosipchyk - Bass Guitar
    Андрэй "Эндру" Восіпчык - бас-гітара
“Show Girls provocation”

edit Sklep

Did you know...
Over time, "CPR" with the naive and-pop tracks legankay initiative has grown into a powerful and sufficient battle group, without losing the romance and humor. Yesterday's cue in the "reactor" another proof that this "gun" can give turn right through a crowd of large areas. We assume this is the beginning of hostilities.

The founding force of the band, first jumped into music as basement in the late 1990s, but lasted only a few days, but several performances. After performing in the banned in Belarus Svabodny Theatre, he teamed up with friend Paul, and formed the nucleus od RSP

edit Ansambl' EVM

“Show Girls provocation”
  • Maryna Yurevich,
  • Julia Shauchuk
"We have no lyrics just for banter, it's their way people perceive, perhaps because of the manner of performance. But there are much more serious than it seems. For example," My MTS and your Velcom - implacaMaryna Yurevichble enemy " - what's this? this human drama "Or," If you smoke, if the pesh far are you in sports is not shagnesh "- something funny in this expression? Again, this drama of unfulfilled athlete."- Denis,

edit SFW Gallery

edit NSFW Video

  • Andrei Zhukov. is the armless dude

Unique video, considered one of the best creations of Belarusian postmodernism and avant-garde visual school of modern Belarus. Presentation of the video took place in the Minsk Art Gallery "¡The" clip and has already won a cult title must see. Custom visuals, thrash and avant-garde in the full glory makes the viewer long to remember simple at first glance the text pesni.Kstati, the language in which sang so-called "trasyanka" is a mixture of Russian and Belarusian languages)) The clip was filmed in one night on the camera Canon 5D mark II a plan, without installation (!). Body artists painted in the style robo corpse paint (a la Kiss, cartoons "Futurama" and "Wall-e"). In addition, the clip is filmed iconic character of Belarusian underground, known sound engineer Andrei Zhukov.

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