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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Electro, or Oedipus?
“Nice suit gal, I'd like to see that on Ben Aff... I mean, on my bedroom floor”
~ Oscar Wilde on Elektra
“Hell yeah...”
~ Ben Affleck on Oscar Wilde on Elektra


Electra not Electro
Daggers are totally cool, because they like, sparkle and stuff

First appearanceDaredevil #168 January 1981
Created byFrank Miller
Real nameElektra Nachos
StatusHot Chick
AffiliationsThe Hand, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra
Previous affiliations
Notable aliasesDaredevil
Notable relatives
Notable powersPeak human physical ability, Master of her domain

Elektra (Elektra Natchios a.k.a. Electric Nutsacks) is a fictional character that lonely nerdy guys love to see on their comics instead of all those buffed up men with tights. She has cool daggers like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She is well-known for losing to Wonder woman in the superhero beauty-pageant and thus becoming angry and then furiously swinging her daggers blinding Ben Affleck. She shouldn't be confused with Electro or electrons. And no, she isn't electric. She just has daggers.

edit Background

His father was that bald guy that plays assistants or butlers or doctors in every film. You know that guy. With the white beard and stuff. Never had a much of career that guy.

Jennifer Garner on the other hand has had a very nice career, even though she's not that good of an actress. Or good-looking. But guess some actors are so over-rated.

edit What makes her super enough to hang out with Ben Affleck

Low-level mind control and telepathic communication apparently. But those daggers are also known as sai. They're totally cooler than nun-chucks.

She also has Greek heritage, which totally helps with martial-art skills, because Greek is the Mecca for Asian martial-artists who seek ancient knowledge of how to kill a man with only eyelash and a piece of soap made of butyric acid. Also MacGyver is said to be from Greek.


Nun chucks are stupid but NUNCHUCKS (above) are better than sai

edit Deadness and the future adventures

According to reliable sources she should be dead. However her adventures kept going on in a sequel. It's said that Marvel executives summoned dark forces to make her a "ghost" so they can make one more shitty movie and steal the money of unsuspecting moviegoers. The grapevine has it that the executives had to sacrifice a big pile of cash, money, hoes, lawyers' time, myrrh and their own and many others' souls to be able to pull this off.

Stan Lee has stated the following in numerous interviews:"I tried to call Team America to stop this bullcrap but I guess they were busy fucking both assholes and pussies. Also they said they had grown out of their own concept and they were occupied by the making of their new Broadway musical. It's going to be good though unlike the season 15 episodes. They're total crap. I still hate Hugh Hefner because I look like him but still don't get no bunnies. I like bunnies. They're furry. No, I don't feel like taking my medication..."

Anyway... Elektra is very lively considering the fact that SHE FUCKING DIED... but at the moment she is working on her real calling, grown-up entertainment. Not that Adam Sandler's movie. Real adult entertainment, improv. Rumors about the love affair between Elektra and Colin Mochrie started when Elektra stated that she is having an affair with Colin Mochrie and begin the improvbusiness when she once saw her own reflection on Colin's bald and instantly fell in love with it. Though it's still questionable that Colin would even look at Elektra though he can get better-looking girls anytime.

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