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This page is designed to make it easier to access the source subpages of the Comedy Portal

This is a behind the scenes look at the portal
to make updating it easier than going to the
portal itself, which on the random pages, just
lets you edit the number 1

edit Description

edit Randomizing elements

These should be updated perhaps 1 a week in order

edit Selected biography

Should be relatively traditional bios of comedians, or funny people, ideally from featured articles.

  1. Portal:Comedy/Selected_biography/1Alfred E. Neuman
  2. Portal:Comedy/Selected_biography/2Chris Rock
  3. Portal:Comedy/Selected_biography/3Buster Keaton

edit Selected article

Can be biography, but also about a comedy related topic ie "knock knock jokes"

  1. Portal:Comedy/Selected_article/1British Sitcoms
  2. Portal:Comedy/Selected_article/2Knock knock joke
  3. Portal:Comedy/Selected_article/3Cracker Barrel

edit Selected picture

Can be pictures of comedians or funny pictures

  1. Portal:Comedy/Selected_picture/1File:ColossusofBarbie.jpg
  2. Portal:Comedy/Selected_picture/2File:McJeebus.jpg
  3. Portal:Comedy/Selected_picture/3File:Karl_for_uncyc.PNG

edit Featured content

Should be featured articles about comedy or comedians

edit Did you know

general nonsense

edit Who's on first?

List of existing articles on comedians

edit What you can do

Selected things to be done

edit more

the big list with research tools

edit Comedy News

this is currently set to dynamically link to new stories that are in category:Humor

edit Main topics

  • Portal:Comedy/Topics
  • currently mostly satirical
  • broad leaps in logic on history
  • key people includes communists as well as comedians
  • Links to tools are sometimes jokes
  • Current image is the "The fool" from Tarot de Marseille
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