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“They gave me a heart attack, they did.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sliders

In 1530, a rotisserie-teer named Walt Anderson had come up with a new way to transport mutton: the burger. But he started to run out of resources soon into his business. To mask this, he began making his "burgers" smaller and smaller until they were 3-by-3-inch squares. And, to compensate for the loss of flavor, Walt dipped his new burgers in beef tallow. Rumor has it that the first burger was so smothered in tallow that it slipped away from him, earning their nickname "sliders".

edit The Story

Five years later, William, Earl of Ingram went on a trek through the desert, and was starving, until he saw a "Walt's Burgers" chain in the desert. After eating 30, he decided he would build a castle in the burgers' (and Walt's) honor. This castle would later be known as the White Castle.

edit The Castle

The castle is a simple, one-story complex with a raised tower in one corner.

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