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edit Keiiji

A being from somewhere else in the omniverse , Is compleatly omnipotent and his jab strength is 1000^8 more then that of chuck norrises roundhouse kick. by jabbing whoever he wants he prints a perfectly flat square circle on his target surrounding them with an event horizon that instantly shrinks to a 0 volume thus ejecting them from the universe forever.

edit Where does he come from?

God is responsible for this universe , chuck norris is responsible for the multiverse , Keiiji is responsible for godamm making the first ever existance.

edit Keiiji facts

To see a list of facts about Keiiji one must find the Chuck Norris facts list on uncyclopedia proceed to edit the page , then he must copy the entire text into notepad , using the replace function replace "Chuck Norris" with "Keiiji" paste the text form Notepad back on the editing box and savign the page.

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