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Lord-Captain-Commander-General-Duke-Emperor-King Keezfocer the Magnificent

“ Who belives this shit? ”
~ Jesus on the bible.
“ Even though there are wing Legos parts, Legos cannot fly. Even if thrown down the stairs. As you stare at your magnificant spaceship thingy go through the air, there is a 90% chance gravity will decide to once again ruin your fun and send your creation hurtling towards the ground, destined to explode on inpact and cause your bitchy mother to scream at you to clean it up! Trust me, don't do it! (PS: if in the 10% chance your creation slips out of the grasp of physics, you have just broken the law of gravity, resulting in the those mofo po-po barging through your door and arresting your sorry ass.)”
~ Lego Tips on Legos
“ Might shites on Right's back ”
~ Benjamin Franklin on Yours truly.

Keezfocer is here, reporting for duty! May all be awed by his mightiness and PWNAGE. I am a big fan of Uncyclopedia. I have had my fair share of "editing" wikipedia articles with friends, so Uncylopedia is just the place for me.


Th chicken

edit Alternate Forms

Keezfocer is known a variety of other identities including: Keez, Capt Cajun, Carl, Iguanas, Capt Curly Hair, etc.

edit Recent Article Contributions

(Note: Some of these contributions have been made anonymously, and will not show up on my official list of contributions)


Way better than the video game ever was.


If you bother me, my assistant here will crush you.

Current favorite topics:

  • Zombies
  • Evolution vs. Bullshit Creationism

edit Zombies


The seal of the zombie survival squad

Keezfocer is a certified, class A zombie killer. He is part of the Zombie Survival Squad, the anti-zombie defence force, the NRA, and Z.O.M.B.S. ( Zombie Obliterating and Massacreing Bad-ass Squad). In the Past 23 years, Keezfocer has saved millions of people from death at the cold hands of the living dead and stopped over 50 different zombie outbreaks dead in their tracks.

Currently his zombie KO count is: 44,978


Another ZOMBS agent equipped with a flamethrower

edit Runescape shtuff

Prunescape logo2
RuneScape trip

This is what a player sees while playing RuneScape on acid.


Fagex's staff tend to behave somewhat irresponsibly at times.




edit The Game

Thats right, you just lost.


An effective way to lose the game. Also, you just associated the show lost with the game.

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