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For those obsessed with the so-called experts, Kdpssps also has a userpage on the English Wikipedia.

Hello, I am Kdpssps. I like Wikipedia for its accuracy and neutrality, though I feel that it should "cut a guy some slack" every once in a while, and not use administrators to bully other users. I also think that administrators on there abuse their powers. The Uncyclopedia article appears to be vain to me, but that is my point of view. I like Uncyclopedia due to its humor and due to the facts that here, bullying is not done, and that administrators and users alike have a say to things, and things are not one-sided. For this reason, I think Uncyclopedia is a better Wiki, though Wikipedia is the place to be if you want factual information and neutral points of view. Wikipedia also complies with its duty as an Encyclopedia, which Uncyclopedia does not. I believe that Uncyclopedia should mention that the information they provide is not factual and simple parody to make people laugh.

I'm looking forward to being a user on Uncyclopedia.

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