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edit Brief Overview

Dr. K. D. Giammanco is an unemployed historian. She was educated in Denver, Colorado and received her Bachelors in History at DU. Completed her masters at DU in European and Jewish history. She then attended NYU, receiving another masters in Asian history focusing primarily on modern China. Then went on to receive her doctorate in European colonial history, Jewish studies in religion and myth, and the French Revolution from Harvard. Her works are numerous and has written most of your text books under pen names as she is afraid her ex-husband will force her to claim responsibility for the six children she left him with; she really hates children. One of the contributing translators of the Dead Sea scrolls, and the New Testament, she has no prospects in ever getting a real job, nor has she really been able to hold a job outside of shelving books, translating ancient texts from Hebrew to English, and publishing text books. She does odd jobs of peer review, guest lecturing, surprise guest lecturing, and sometimes spoken word poetry. Dr. K. D. Giammanco is also known to occasionally collaborate with documentaries, providing helpful information for the producers on how to get into the director's pants, she also provides historical information for the documentaries every once in awhile. She has been banned from the state of Kansas. While her credentials are impressive she really lacks the skill at maintaining a steady job.

She does not like donating to charity, and is almost certain her mail man is troll. --Dr. K. D. Giammanco 01:10, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

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