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The Clean is a group of Beatnik Poets from Dunedin, New Zealand that released 16 EPs and 45' singles, Two Live albums and 3 compilations from their inception in 1979 to today. The band is renowned for their refusal to release any conventional-length, or LP, albums.

The group was named by the official spokesperson of New Zealand music, Chris Knox after their refusal to bathe or even wash their hands. Because of this, The Clean were initially unpopular, reportedly having seven or less fans in the band's early days. However, the band shot to stardom in the 1990's due to Grunge making poor-hygine popular.

One of the bands few fans in the beggining was the previously mentioned Chris Knox. Although he wasn't the official spokesperson of Nu Zeelind Music (OSONuZe)yet, he had already been in over 16 Bands, and recorded more albums than the whole of Australia combined. Chris Knox was responsible for helping The Clean through their initial unpopular phase, letting them sleep in his grandparent's basement.

The Clean's rise to stardom started when the Band moved to Otago College around the begining of Grunge. The fact that their unkempt apearance now made them 'cool' helped them gain many fans, as did the plentifull suply of marijuana.

As the Decade grew old, their popularity grew. Clean Albums are now the top export for Neu Zilund.

edit EPs

Noodle Noodle - 1980

Beatnik - 1980

Car - 1980

Mrs. Pop - 1982

Clean, Mean EP Machine - 1982

Clean out our Blinds - 1983

Here Today, Clean Tomorrow - 1983

Good Sounds Good, Bad Sounds Bad, Clean sound Great - 2003

edit Singles

End of sunscreen - 1979

Getting Moldier - 1979

Fat Cat - 1979

Screw Cap - 1979

Stephen Malkmus at the Zoo - 1996

Hi, Hi - 1996

Beat Stick - 1998

Point that thing to Your Belt - 2001

edit Live Albums

Live Dead Clean


== Compilations ==

Tally Mo (a compilation of songs about Facial hair) - 1990

Nevermind - 1992

Grunge, a Love Story - 2000

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