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"kaploy9",e+c-k-pork, verb; A sentient rock that explodes for no reason at all, usually found in groups of 9-10. This is belived by the castle gaurds to be the reason of it's rare sighting, but we all know that all castle gaurds would get knocked to the ground by a rouge leaf before they'd even get to thinking about that. Actually, contrary to UNbeleif, residents of that county have seen this rock grazing in the plains near there trailer parks, and have claimed that they sing the song of that one guy who's not really talented in that form of self expression. Of course, claims are somehow not submitted by the people that heard it, but by farmers living next door. They claim that they always get "caught in the explosion", but scientists have confirmed that kaploy9 does not explode. Now stare at this red light while I re-write your childho- I mean, go make cookies for you! Yes, yes. Stay right there, I'll be right back. *runs out door* . . . .

Freaky Rock

The image of a mind-meld with a kaploy9.

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