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You are currently entering Kaoru Matsubara's Internet Explorer 8 and site = but is said to be about:blank. Have a nice day!

Internet Explorer 8
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Ok, welcome to my h-e-a-l-l. Well, you know, that's spelled uncorrectly :\ Oh, and by the way, I suggest you get a life. Kidding. Oh, and Your probably gonna be eaten by a grue. Seriously.

edit Links

What do you think are you doing? Oh, Yeah, Your on the links thing, Luckily, Nobody cares

edit The No Links Corner.

Ok we're in here. Get the hell out of here!

edit Dead End


edit FAQ

This is the Answer and Question corner.
A: Why am I here?
Q: Why you're here? You clicked me!
A: Hey...just a question.
Q: What is it?
A: Isn't it supposed to be Q and A?
Q: Well that's just stupid, let's go with some backwards, just like Eurg.
A: I suggest you put mudkips.
Q: ...Why?
A: Wait, seriously...

Q: Ok, so I herd u liek mudkips?

Here is your mudkips.

A: ...
Q: What?
A: Where's the dead end?
Q: There's no dead end here.
A: I'll make one!
Q: Never.
A: 3..2..1 here I come!


The end.

edit Who's kidding?

Navigation please!

edit Nav


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