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C:\> myowwinternetwtf_

MYOWW I: The great web explorer creating

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Revision 684365 / Serial Num. 6342

Template:MYOWWcmd Welcome to the world of internet, yet again, but this is different from You're in the Internet. In this game, you will create a wiki website. Interested? Keep walking.

Template:MYOWWcmd You look everywhere, and there, and here, and where ever you are. It appears there's a big fat mummy in front of you. It actually looks like a grue which isn't. This mummy doesn't even have furs anyway. It's just big, fat and all. It's covered, and of course, what mummy isn't covered anyway? Oh, by the way, you're in a internet room with a internet size. There are about 4 doors. Some of the doors are tricky. Be careful.

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